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5th of November : Negros Day

1898 Negros Uprising, Bloodless Revolution

Our country Philippines was under the colonial rule of Spanish government for more than 3 centuries.

The brave and courageous Filipinos couldn’t bear the abuses made by the Kastila to the natives especially women.

A secret group of Filipinos whom they called as Katipunan had offered their precious lives just to fight for the freedom of the country and they did it.

The country got her independence.

The Republic of Negros

In like manner, a local uprising in Negros island against the Spanish was hatched by the two groups of revolutionaries.

One was led by Juan Araneta in Bago in the central Negros and another led by Aniceto Lacson in Silay in northern Negros.

They succeeded to let the Spanish army or the guardia civil surrendered in a bloodless revolution. They’re able to mislead their enemies by their rifles made of wood and coconut fronds and ¬†cannons of rolled amakan made of bamboo.

It’s Cinco de Nobiembre (5th of November) 1898 when the uprising succeeded and the Negros Republic was created but lasted only for almost three months when the country was under the American regime.

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