Things I Do That Keep Me From Prosperity and Success.

Every one of us does things daily that keep us from reaching our goals, and most of the time, we don’t actually realize it.

I would be the last person to admit that what I do, my life, my goals are not big and important. Because they are. I earnestly want nice things to happen in my life and I want my writing to prosper and succeed.

But yesterday, when I sat down to go over where I could make the necessary changes to accelerate my progress, I found several ways that I use, to trip myself up. It’s not, that I  do these things all the time. as, some, you’ll see below, I don’t have to do every day, but when I do, they interfere consistently with my being able to do those things that will undoubtedly help me succeed.


One such time waster for me is social media which is far too generous with my time, it’s so tempting to engage with our fun social interaction, but truly, to me, it’s such a huge time-waster, and that goes for my cell phone as well. Don’t get me wrong now, I really have to use social media in my marketing all the time, but sometimes I just have to see the video of a cute cockatoo dancing to, “Another One Bites The Dust”. That being as fascinating as it is, it will not write my latest article for me.


I’m a writer and I help other creative writers and right-brain business people—to accomplish their dreams. One of the biggest setbacks that we right-brain creatives have is that we find everything interesting, this curiosity makes us easily distracted.

So, unless we have strategies in place to curb our wandering minds we can go off on a multi-directional tangent, all the time.

To move steadily toward a goal, it is imperative to focus on that one objective only. Unless I’m focused, I don’t get much done. When I get nothing done, there is nothing to sell, it’s really that simple. Haphazard offerings confuse the hell out of customers and confused customers never buy.


This point follows on the heels of the above issue. First, comes a goal to focus on, and then there is a plan to get there. Without plans, goals are just wishes with only a faint hope of fulfillment.

If I don’t review my plan and make a list of tasks today, it’s so easy to go off-the-rails.

Without a plan, the end of my workday comes and I can’t even see what I have done if anything. It just becomes a blur of sketchy details that don’t lead anywhere. These ways are really that subtle and have definitely kept me, and maybe you, from prospering in business and life.


What do you think?


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