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the horrors of scheduling

Not coin nor crown can halt time’s flight

nor stay the armies of the night

King and beggar, lad and lass-

all answer to the hourglass…

You might think that I am simply generating artwork in a random fashion, and any outside observer would probably reach the same conclusion but there is a method to my madness. While I would prefer to simply work on whatever notion catches my fancy, it behooves me to work on such things that are trending. In this way, my work might capture the widest audience and I might gain new clients. But even though I have trained to work swiftly, I can hardly respond to each new trend as they happen

How can I possibly be ahead of the game? The simple answer is that I can’t but I can anticipate trends and try to be ready for them beforehand

Most of my life I was a very unorganized guy, but that changed once I started working at Symantec. Everything I never wanted to know about scheduling I learned from Reese Anschultz. I learned time management reluctantly, and only because it was my job but I did it to the best of my ability because it was critical. Still I resented the time it took away from what I considered to be my more important tasks, even after I saw the positive impact that a well managed schedule had on my team

Amusingly enough, time management turned out to be one of the most useful skills I was trained in, and I use it every day. If anything, I wish I had pushed Reese to train me in risk management

This isn’t a fairytale but if it were, the moral would be to pay close attention to any task that you are being trained at in your vocation, because you never know which ones will benefit you in the future…

Unfortunately, one simply cannot schedule innovation. The best that you can hope for is to estimate based upon similar efforts or just pray to very fickle gods for a similar outcome

I told you that Reese never taught me much about risk management (and it only now occurs to me that I could just simply read up on it on my own) so I have just learned how to hedge my bets. While this is an entirely viable technique, it may not be the best way to go about it. That having been said, it is hardly possible to devise a more optimal approach without foreknowledge

All this having been said, you might still wonder if my order of operation is truly efficient. Well you are probably correct; since I have no way of knowing the outcome of any given experiment, I can only weight them by assumed probability of success and even then I routinely sabotage that by going after the sexiest concept


What do you think?

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  1. It depends .. too rigid isn’t good too
    but my idea of scheduling maybe a little different from others lol
    this word just annoys me oops

  2. I think you like horror but also the comedy.
    I practice time management and have shared the subject in many training but over the last ten years have only applied it under certain conditions, the rest, I respond to everything that comes with intuition and choice. It’s such a combination of horror and comedy for fun.