When Resilience is Needed – Ambiguity and Uncertainty

Ambiguity and Uncertainty 

The ultimate goal may be clear but the way ahead is set with a number of different challenges that are unknown. There will be many changes of direction with many turns and, even the need to reverse direction and go backwards at times before the end point is reached. The goal is worth the effort but it is unclear how long it will take to achieve as the nature of the way forward is uncertain. Once the goal is achieved, there may be further uncertainty of the way ahead as the challenge of the maze continues to hide the way out.

Ambiguity and Uncertainty

Examples of questions you might use when coaching around ambiguity and uncertainty.

– How well do you deal with uncertainty or ambiguity? How comfortable do you feel with not knowing exactly what lies ahead?

– Does a lack of information demotivate you or cause you to seek out your own solutions?

– How do you make decisions in times of uncertainty?

– Within the maze of opportunities how are you going to make choices about what route to follow? What will guide your decision about the right way to turn?

– What will you do if you appear to be moving further way from your goal? How will you respond to retracing your steps and going over old ground?

– What happens once you achieve your goal?

– How are you going to get out of the maze? How clear are you about the challenges moving forward once you have achieved what you aim to do?

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