Investing in Bayer is risky right now

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Earlier this week, an anonymous financial adviser is attempting to convince investors to buy Bayer stock right now.  I can understand why a person would not put their name behind this obvious drivel.  Why in the world would anyone invest in Bayer stock in the near future?

In the article, the claim is that once Bayer settles with the thousands of litigants that obtained cancer from the weedkiller RoundUp that is manufactured by Monsanto.  Bayer made the dumbest financial decision of the 21st century by acquiring Monsanto in 2018.  

However, after Bayer pays out billions of dollars from this settlement, it does not mean that more people will not obtain cancer because RoundUp will still be on store shelves throughout the USA.  That means that there will always be new cases filed against Bayer on a yearly basis.  I guess the guy that wrote the investment piece believes that this Monsanto madness will cause so many headaches that everyone will go out and buy Bayer aspirin as if nobody knows that Tylenol works better.


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