How Howie Survived – 2

After three months, Stan began to find fault with everything Howie did. Absolutely nothing could go out until Stan had personally seen and allowed it..

Stan always found some flaw,  no matter how small, be it a missing comma, (which was questionable) or the phrasing of a sentence. No matter what it was,  Stan demanded, and Howie’s protests would provoke an argument.

It seemed Stan felt he need to dominate Howie to prove his superiorty.

By the fourth month, Howie would meet his clients off the building.  When he returned, Stan shouted.  “I have work for you, and you leave it for your own frolic!”

Howie was shocked at the way Stan spoke to him, but didn’t say a word, although he felt like retorting, ‘who the hell do you think you’re talking to? ‘

Considering the pittance Stan paid him was all the money he would take in for the month, he was silent.


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Written by jaylar