How Abusers Abuse Themselves – part 16

The  Abuser without a victim will deny himself what pleases him.   It could be particular foods, clothing, visits, anything which he truly enjoys he will not grant.

He will punish himself by eating what he doesn’t like, attending services he finds uncomfortable.   Each time he performs an action that he dislikes, he feels powerful.

He feels almost, if not as powerful, as when he has a victim to abuse.

The need to make himself feel better by making others feel worse, is, in the absence of others, is making himself uncomfortable.

The fact that he can survive his own regime cements it in his mind so that when he enforces it on others he can defend it.

Learn to recognise those who have pointless rules and rituals, and avoid them.  They are Abusers who, at the moment are without a victim.


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Written by jaylar

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