How Abusers Abuse Themselves – part 14

An  Abusive person does not see him or herself as Abusive.  If they did they would change.  If they did, they comprehend the behaviour they inflict on others, and when there are no others, themselves.

George, receiving a provocative email from the only person who communicated with him, a post that did not merely demand response, but a post which fed his starved existence, could not respond to it.

If his hands had been chopped off, his computer dysfunctional, or he had no Internet connection, his inability to respond would not be greater, because George could not permit himself to respond.

As an Abuser with no victim, it is he who is punished.

His ex-wife took full advantage of this.  On occasion, she would write three or more such posts in one month, knowing he could not respond.   Knowing  the pain he suffered by having to imprison himself.  One assumed that one day he would break free of his shackles.  Gain recognition that he was hurting himself; not her.

Yet years passed.  Years where he locked himself into this prison of his own creation.

For George is an abuser.   And abusers die before they change.

Those who are married to abusers must write it down, if they think they will forget; Abusers Never Change.



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