Attack the Venezuelan Petro cryptocurrency

Since the announcement of the creation of the Venezuelan cryptocurrency critics and positions contrary to the development of this cryptoactive have not stopped arising. There are more than 1600 cryptocurrencies in the world working, but it’s the Venezuelan that bothers, which will fail, the one that nobody will want, which countries will discard, I wonder why?

Look, their detractors say that the Petro are Venezuelan debt bonds disguised, but a bonus is a certificate signed between a debtor and a creditor with a commitment to pay a certain amount with a set payment time, this has nothing to do with Petro a cryptocurrency.

Petro is not the first developed Venezuelan cryptocurrency, there is already a call ONIX with a very interesting Project that you can know from your web page.

Onix did not receive any attack, and is quoted quietly in YOBIT without major problem.

Because of the terrible economic situation in Venezuela, many make fun of the price of Petro (initially $ 60) and that the average Venezuelan will not be able to acquire. Obviously you can not buy 1 full Petro just as many people in the world can not buy 1 Bitcoin, but in the same way you can acquire fractions of it, for a price that if you can pay, for example about 0.0003 Petros, extrapolating that amount to satoshis Bitcoin would be about $ 2, in the same way would be with the Petro.

Many things are not yet clear: As the house of exchange of cryptoactives will accept the Petro? How will the new sanctions of the United States government affect its use? Can it be mined?

With this analysis I do not intend to offend or disturb anyone, it is a reflection that I leave open to improve our approaches regarding Petro, a mechanism that seeks to solve several serious problems that the Venezuelan government has for commercial exchange with foreign currency, which it can be used for purposes other than those raised but it is not my objective to discuss them here.

The desire of all Venezuelans is to overcome the crisis and if this cryptoactive can help to a lesser or greater degree, let’s hope it works, but learn to advance more as a nation.

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Written by Roberto Alvarez


  1. With any form of investment, people need to know if it is safe or if they are being scammed by clever con-men. Money schemes based on fiction will always fail, and it will be the people who can least afford to lose their money who will come off worst.