What’s a Girl to Do?

I’ve been trying to understand the world of bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

Since I’ve discovered (and blogged about Virily)

How to Make Money from Virily and 6 More Sites That Pay You

I’ve discovered three sites that use cryptocurrency to pay its members including Virily.

Good news: Site 1, Virily, has warm, welcoming members and is easy to use.

Mediocre News: Site 2, Steemit has warm, welcoming members and is complicated to understand.

The jury is out: Site 3, I have yet to explore.

Bad news: Neither Virily nor Steemit has paid anything to make all this fun worth ignoring my blog and my day job.

I have undertaken an experiment. I will spend the same amount of time at Virily and Steemit each week and at the end of 6 months or a year, see which site has paid me the most.

At Steemit, all I’ve done is see my “wallet” go down.

Is there any way for our money to go down at Virily? I don’t think so.

So, I will end on a positive note: Virily is more of a user-friendly site.

I am so pleased here, I plan on blogging about the merits of Virily again this spring on my site.


What do you think?


Written by Janice Wald

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  1. Virily and are good websites to get paid. I am still waiting for Steemit to allow me to enter their club. Same with since I do not have a cell phone to withdraw my payments from them.

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