When you hear the word “Virus”, you probably think about computer virus … but this time I’m talking about a contagious virus rash…

And sorry I didn’t remember the name … but I was down with it, seen a doctor and got a jab on the butt. I cannot be too close to my family now cos the virus can spread via contact … I can’t share food with them too :/

But the good thing is, they are hardly itch and I have my own “VIP seat” cause they try not to sit where I sat on before… hehe

Anyway the photo you see, is the smallest area… my back are full of the rashes …



What do you think?


Written by alibb

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    • Yes, I’ve to crop some parts away in order to make the photo more children-friendly :p

      The doctor used the word “full of them(the rashes)” when he see my back so it’s probably a lot but I couldn’t really see my back …

      Anyway, thank you LaJenna, I’m recovering well.

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