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This is Why You Should Sleep without an Underwear

I have gone without wearing an underwear at night since I got to know the amazing benefits going without one offers. Not only do you feel refreshingly free, you also get great health gains.

As women, we naturally have moisture around our v-region, especially during certain times of the month. However, while this moisture is healthy, even expected, it can be a problem too.


The vagina is a house to both good and bad bacteria. The good bacteria called Lactobacilli, help keep your vagina healthy by preventing an overgrowth of the bad guys. However, most times, due to the food we eat or certain lifestyle habits, these bad bacteria still overgrow,  causing a yeast or bacterial infection.

One of the lifestyle habits that contributes to this overgrowth is wearing an underwear often, especially to bed. Bacteria love moisture and when you sleep at night, your vagina produces ample moisture, giving these bacteria the breeding ground to replicate.

Therefore, if you are prone to yeast infection or you generally want to keep healthy, you should skip wearing am underwear all the time. If going without one makes you feel uncomfortable then you could go without one at night when you won’t much feel it’s absence.


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Written by Muobo