The workout

Today’s reason to make it out to the gym was to work my abdominal muscles which the abdominals are an ongoing muscle I continue to focus on. It is easier to get out of shape than get into shape, so I want to continuously put stress the abdominals because seemingly it is easy to neglect it in comparison to any other muscle.

Great article in Runner’s World: The Pioneer – Julia Chase-Brand

Overall workout:

  • 11.20 mile bike
  • 1.01 mile walk
  • Row machine: 646 meters – 3.06 minutes
  • 20 Mountain climbers
  • 20 Hanging knee raises
  • 20 Push ups
  • 20 Pull ups
  • 30 Hanging knee raises
  • 5 minute spin

I have to say that I enjoyed bike portion of this regime because  I feel that cardio adjusts your breathing for just about any type of physical workout. It is where it is at! Shitty breathing will hinder you from just about any simple task in your day. 

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