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Safety in the Sun This Summer: Tips for Sun-Worshippers

It’s great to bask in the sun, and it can have certain health benefits, in moderation, but we are all aware these days of the dangers of too much exposure to UV rays (specifically sunburn, skin cancer and premature wrinkling of the skin). So here are some simple tips to minimise the risks and still enjoy those lovely golden rays this season.

The key points to remember when out in the sun, at home or abroad, are:

  1. Protect your skin with clothing: don’t forget to wear a hat which protects your face, ears and neck in really strong sunlight;
  2. When the sun is at its peak, between 11-3pm, avoid it if possible and spend the time in the shade instead.
  3. When you are picking out a sunscreen, go for one with a very high sun protection factor, i.e SPF 30 or more, to protect against the most harmful UVA. This applies even if you have the type of skin which tans easily.
  4. Apply sunscreen liberally about 15-30 minutes before going out, and reapply it around every 2 hours (and especially if you have been swimming).
  5. Keep babies and young children out of direct sunlight.


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Written by Maggie Bailey

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        • Oh I know Oscar: that is why you have the siesta period, right? Where shops and businesses all close down between around 2-6pm! I remember that from when I visited Spain. Yes, your climate is definitely very different to ours here in the UK! We have recently had a big heatwave here, where the temperatures went up to around 35 deg C on a few days, but that is quite unusual here, even in high summer!

          • If I have seen it in the news in the United Kingdom something that I suppose you are not very accustomed. Yes, the nap period is really for that reason, also in this period the work is started earlier or there is a continuous day of 06:00 AM about 14: Pm.

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