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Fooling around with produce!

I love going to shoot the produce section of the supermarket! ?  Veggies and fruits don’t make heavy demands as models… And they generally are pretty well-behaved! Lol… No bad manners, no turning up late, they are well-disciplined, able to take directions well – for example, you tell them, “Sit there, don’t move…”  — they tend to obey very well.  Unless they are not balanced properly, then they may tend to fall over! But it’s okay, you don’t need to buy insurance for them, you just buy them off the shelf!

And when you select the right subjects, in terms of shape, colour, texture, how well they take the light — you actually can get pretty interesting results…  Have a look at these:

Baby eggplant – they were excellent as models, even at their young age. And they are most photogenic!

Bitter gourd – fantastic and interesting skin texture, making them most in demand as talents.

I highly recommend these as subjects for your photo shoots any time. And best of all, you don’t need to pay them a fee! 😉


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Written by ac khoo