Now That I’m Free, I’m Finicky; JuNoWriMo Day Twelve

I guess I’m just going to need to be finicky from now on, in order to stay out of the drug trap.

Just the other day, I see a young couple sitting outside of a local business, very early in the morning.

They looked hungry. They looked at each other. They looked at me. I waved. They waved back. So far, pretty standard human behavior.

I approached them and asked if they were okay. Their best response was silence. So, knowing what hunger is, I pulled out the last $8 I had on me and gave it to them.

The guy of the couple then asks me, “What do you want?” “Nothing,” I said, “just want to make sure you two aren’t starving.”

Next he’s asking me if I wanted to get high, did I like “yellow” and if he could get me high. I told him, calmly that, I didn’t mess with drugs, anymore.

He didn’t seem to get the hint so I just walked away and returned to the location of my latest cleaning gig.

I guess he didn’t get it, that I don’t do drugs anymore and so they both came over to where I was working, trying again to invite me to come get high with them.

I told them they had to go. They left.

The dope crowd is an easy club to join. If a body has no purpose, this club is easy to default into.

Now that I have escaped the dopehead crowd and was given a clear view of what they “think” of me, others and themselves, I am aiming for the better friendships to be had.

I’m looking to those who are worth the effort. I’m trying to prove myself worthy for a friendship with good people and not those “friends” I kept before.

I seek those who wish to improve themselves and have achieved goals of their own. I wish to surround myself with good people and not the thieves, liars, cowards and quitters to be found amongst the dopeheads.

And any former association I once had, wishing to remain friends with me will find themselves the ones who need to meet my standards and not the other way around.


What do you think?


Written by DonaldPennington

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