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Naegleria Virus and Precautions

Amba is a protagonist based on a cell-containing bacterial virus – which keeps many types – in which brain-eating emba, a fatal virus gives birth to nigloria fluid- This is a type of virus- The use of poor water enters the brain through the nose – which causes death of a person in some days.

Emba virus is found, dirty and  in poor water-this virus gets more in hot water. It is found in the hot water vessels, the digestive enclosures, the jaws of the remaining water, the slow water flow of hot water, and the swimming pool of water, and water wells.

The virus is not found in salt water, boiled water, and chlorine water- This virus-infected disease is essential for preventing Naegleria from the chlorineation process from the bacteria and other diseases of viruses and organism. Make clean and easy to use.

Naegleria virus enter through nose and the body during a river, jacuzzi, a poor cleaning water, and in the swimming pool, digging, and watering the head-

This disease does not fit to other patients with any other illness – this illness can be diagnosed with many symptoms, severe headaches, bowling, fevering, neck stiffness,

Changing mental condition, vertigo, going into unconscious condition etc. – It is necessary to take some precautions to avoid nervous disease, which are very easy. The water which does not have chlorination done, does not include  bath, and dive, or the head is not used in water or a clip on the nose so that the water can not be inside the nose. Do not go especially for which the water temperature is at a height of 80 degrees – clean the water tank of the house and pour the amount of chlorine in the water contained in it.

This is the responsibility of the government to inform the citizens of Naegleria disease and provide clean and healthy water to the people.


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