Just coming off from having the flu

I am just coming off from having the flu! With all going on in the world right now with covid-19, it was the most depressing and scary week I have ever had while sick. Most of the time when I am sick it lasts a few days, but this lasted a week. In comparison to coronavirus symptoms, the symptoms I felt were congestion, runny nose, sneezing, coughing, hot flashes, headache, sore throat and dizziness which I experienced all within a week. I started educating myself more on coronavirus symptoms after feeling dizzy and having random hot flashes while just sitting around my apartment. One minute my body would be cold, then the next minute it would warm up which was scary as hell. I came to the conclusion that it wasn’t coronavirus once I saw YouTube videos of how others were feeling with coronavirus in comparison to how I felt which wasn’t as extreme. As of today, I would probably still be pinned up sick with it, if I didn’t purchase medication to combat it. It is just too much happening to be vulnerable right now, but thankfully it was just the flu.

Feeling a lot better after taking cold & flu plus

I was eager to take my temperature at work and was relieved to get a reading of 97.0.

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