10 Products That Your Hair Will Love

There is a long list of hair problems that women face on a daily basis. Curly hair tends to get “wild” and impossible to style in a decent way. The straight hair tends to get too flat and lifeless, while some have hair without definition: it’s not curly but not even flat- straight. Some women fight dandruff, or dry and damaged hair. Greasy hair is a problem since it needs to be washed almost every day. And the biggest trouble of all is that every woman wants to have a shiny, healthy and thick hair with perfect color. How do we achieve that?

Brands and stores offer high variety of hair products that we don’t even know what are for. We either buy them or we don’t even bother. There are millions of recipes for hair masks on the internet, but we rarely have time or energy for that long procedure of waiting the hair mask for hours before we wash hair. In general, this is a big challenge for women!

Inspired by this daily problems that every woman has, I’ve selected few essential products that every woman should incorporate in her hair routine. I hope this article will improve your hair routines and will make your life easier!

Also, feel free to submit to this list and vote for the products you use & like the most! Enjoy, ladies!

#1 Sea Salt Spray

Do you want to look like you have been on vacation in Bora Bora for the past few weeks? The fake tan can be achieved in many various ways at home (spray tan, cremes and solarium) but the hair can never look like you have been swimming in the sea this morning. Or can it? Let me introduce you the sea- in- a- bottle that can make perfect beach waves! The sea salt sprays come from various brands, some of them including oils for nurturing the locks. Perfect for this summer!

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#3 Egg Yolks

Egg yolk helps straightening and moisturizing the hair, while also preventing hair loss.
Leave on for 20 minutes, rinse with cool water (to prevent egg from "cooking") and shampoo hair. You will be surprised by the results even more if you add some olive/ sesame oil in the mixture and little bit of honey. Feed your hair and make it shine!

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#5 Deep Conditioner

Experts say that you need to leave your conditioner or hair mask as long as you can before rinsing. We have all tried that, and every time the time gets shorter. Life is busy, people! Aussie Deep Conditioner is a perfect solution for quick and efficient conditioner. Three minutes more of your time in the shower, but extreme results even after the first use. Truly a miracle!

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#7 Clarifying Shampoo

Deep cleansing shampoos are important in order to clean thoroughly the hair from residue. Even the regular shampoos and conditioners leave some residue that needs to be cleaned somehow. The clarifying shampoo will remove any unwanted residue and styling products that can ‘coat’ the outside of your hair and reduce the effectiveness of your treatment.

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#8 Hair fragrance & Mist

Do not limit yourself on body mists and skin perfumes, try also a hair mist or fragrance. The hair (especially fresh- washed) picks up a lot of environmental pollution and odors from smoke or cooking. You can't be confident if your hair smells badly, so try the fragrances and mists for hair and enjoy the fresh smell of your hair even after a busy day or party night!

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#10 Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoos are a life saviors! Scented, efficient and easy to use, dry shampoo in a spray is a life- changers. Sometimes, you just need to get things done or just enjoy a trip, while your hair thinks that should stay greasy and flat. The dry shampoo will liberate you from this problem once and for all!

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