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Tips and Tricks: Perfect Outdoor Dinner Party

The summer is close, so we prepare to start spending as much as time as possible outside, in nature, relaxing in the warm sunny...

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10 Products That Your Hair Will Love

There is a long list of hair problems that women face on a daily basis. Curly hair tends to get "wild" and impossible to...

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Some Days Are Better To Be Skipped…

<a class="snax-figure-source" href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"></a> There are days when the sun is bright and living is easy, but there are also days when life is...

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12 Movie Suggestions for Weekend Movie Marathon

There is always time for a good movie marathon! Easter holidays are coming, so we could use some suggestions for movies that we can...

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Are You a Music Buff or Music Fluff?

Are you top of the pops when it comes to music? Do you subscribe to every music channel there is on Youtube? Are you...

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