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Is This Mattress the Ultimate Key to Your Sleep Struggles?

We often have to juggle among various components of our lifestyle to stay in shape. Diet, exercise, and sleep are three important components to stay healthy. While we focus more on diet and exercise, the sleep tends to be low on our priority list. A lot of us fail to get a good night’s sleep. The significance of a good night’s sleep can never be denied. I not only rejuvenates our body but also helps prepare us physically and mentally for the next day.

Millions of people suffer from sleep disorders. Some suffer from back pain by simply sleeping on the wrong side of the mattress. One of the leading causes of sleep struggles is an old mattress. Foam mattresses have become popular in recent years because of their affordable prices and supreme comfort.

The Solution

Nectar is considered one of the top mattress brands in the U.S. for offering modern technology. Their foam with queen size mattress dimensions can not only alleviate back pain but also provide support to the sensitive areas of the body for a comfortable sleep.

According to physical therapists, if a mattress is too firm, it causes our body to adapt to it. This causes undue pressure in sensitive areas of anatomical stress. On the other hand, the Nectar mattress alleviates pack pain by accommodating the person’s body rather than the other way around.

Why Nectar? 

You may not believe but the poor quality of sleep eventually leads to higher stress levels, slowed reaction times, and reduced attention. You will feel this when your body is unable to repair itself while you sleep. Nectar has been developed with the technology in particular for these sleep struggles. It relieves pressure wherever you normally feel it the most. The Nectar mattress is just firm to offer support but gentle on the sensitive pain points of your body.

The technology behind the Mattress

Nectar’s queen size mattress dimensions have two layers of gel memory foam. These layers help distribute the weight and mold to your body. According to their website, this mattress is made of several of these foam layers in addition to the two crucial layers of gel foam. Its foam base is dense yet breathable, which is followed by another layer of adaptive hi-core memory foam. This layer supports the body by offering crucial rebound and bounce. The first layer of gel memory foam helps evenly distribute weight, while the second layer is a quilted gel memory foam layer that contours to the body and provides the loft as well. All these layers work together to adapt to a person’s individual pressure points.

How much does it cost? 

Does getting a good sleep cost an arm and a leg? Not really. Getting a quality mattress like Nectar is easier than people might think. Nectar’s foam with queen size mattress dimensions, for example, is $670 (down from $795), as compared to the average price of $1,350 for a memory foam mattress. Now here is the catch. The company offers a deal with a yearlong trial, a forever warranty, and free shipping all over the U.S.


Sleep is often an underrated and unappreciated aspect of life. Our body cannot sustain long under a constant state of wear and tear. Getting a good night’s sleep isn’t important only for alleviating back pain, but it is also crucial for overall health, including brain function, emotional well-being, and physical health. This means that getting a comfortable mattress isn’t just a luxury, but important to wellness in general.


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