How to design a bedroom for better sleep

A bedroom is a main part of any house.  Almost all types of our activities have taken place in our bedroom. We do our all incomplete work in bedroom, so our bedroom serves as an office, a library or even a laundry. But, at last it is a sleeping room. We should give some extra attention in the decoration of bedroom. As, we have relaxation this room in this room after long day work. It should be most comfortable and have all items of comforts. It’s up to you to design your bedroom a place for better sleep and will give a new style to your room. Here are some tips for making your room a best place for sound sleep.

#2 Mattress

The first thing which is very important for a sound sleep may be a mattress. The mattress shouldn’t be so soft, hard or lumpy, as it may cause of any uncomfortable. There are different types of mattress, but if you want to buy a new mattress, always keep a few simple tips in mind

  • Before purchasing a mattress, research about it thoroughly, as it is an expensive thing for buying.
  • The size of bed is also decided before purchasing. Because, the size of mattress may be a cause of uncomfortable. So, decide the size especially in case of sharing a bed with someone.
  • If there is any guarantee for some days or months, don’t hesitate and take advantage to try the mattress.

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#3 Light

Darkness or light, maybe another cause of better sleep. Our mind and body’s daily tempo lean towards following dark or light sequence. In our modern time, there are a lot of devices, which cause a disturbance in cool situation. You can remove these things, if possible. For example, you can use arsenals to avoid Pc or TV. Put your under the pillow or in a drawer.

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Written by Zahid Rafique