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10 Ways to Keep Your Kitchen Hygiene

The kitchen is one of the most important parts of a home and we spend considerable amount of time in it, whooping up meals for ourselves, friends or family. Making use of quite a few items or ingredients as we cook makes it get dirty pretty fast.

It is also where you have the most bacteria in the home, ranging from salmonella, e-coli, to listeria and psedomanas aeruginosa. You might want to carry out regular cleanings to get rid of these bacteria and germs and maintain high kitchen hygiene.

Here are 10 Ways to Keep Your Kitchen Hygiene High

1. Dispose of Dirt Immediately

Do not keep dirts on plates longer than necessary as this has a way of attracting bacteria to your home. Have a waste bin handy and dispose of all dirt as they get into the kitchen.

2. Wash and Sanitize the Waste Bin Regularly

Waste bins should be emptied regularly and disinfected weekly. Give the bin a good wash, washing both the inside and outside with a generous amount of mild soap and disinfectant.

3. Keep the Floor, Counter Top, and Cabinet Front Cleaned

Carry out regular sweeping and scrubbing of the floor, while you also wipe your counter tops front using a dish cloth soaked in soapy water.

4. Wash Up Used Dishes Immediately

Do not allow used dishes to pile before washing to prevent a bacteria or germs build-up.

5. Clean Your Sponges and Kitchen Napkins Regularly

You should get your sponges and kitchen napkins cleaned often by soaking them in boiling water and soap for a few minutes each week. You might also want to get them changed often when they start to wear and tear.

6. Keep Foods Separated in the Refrigerator

Divide your refrigerator into sections and keep dairies, meat, and sea food products separated from other products.

7. Use Different Chopping Board for Products

Use different chopping boards for your vegetables, and meat to avoid cross contamination.

8. Wash Your Hands Regularly

Wash your hands after handling each food items before touching any surface or thing in the kitchen. This will kill any bacteria you might have picked up and prevent spreading.

9. Carry Out Regular Equipments Cleaning

Clean out the inside as well as outside of your refrigerator, oven, and microwave, and wipe the surface of cabinets and other kitchen appliances.

10. Cook all Foods Thoroughly

Cook your food thoroughly, especially meat, as this will kill any bacteria present and prevent food poisoning.


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