How Abusers Abuse Themselves – part 6

Abusers set their actions as ‘reactions’. They need their victim to provoke their response. To just punch the victim apropos of nothing is not possible.

For the Abuser to get pleasure he must feel he has been ‘provoked’ and he has justifiably reacted.

See! She left the cap off the toothpaste! See! she stacked the tins of vegetables next to the tins of fish! See! She provoked it. She Knows she is to put the cap back on and deliberately left it off to annoy me!  See! I told her not to  do it, but she disobeyed and did it anyway!

This is how the abuser explains his actions to himself. This is how he justifies his behaviour. If he were arrested by the police for beating his wife, these are the kinds of justifications he would make.   This is vital to comprehend. He must be able to justify his behaviour to himself.


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