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Dementia Sign and Symptoms and Treatment

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Dementia Sign and Symptoms and Treatment


Symptoms of dementia in every human being differ from others, because the symptoms surrounding the patient and its behavior with other people’s behavior are reduced but research has proven that some special symptoms in all are the same as the :-

Day by day  Memory Reduction

The ability to decide, the ability to solve private and social issues .r

Problems in speaking

Trouble watching


When we do not take care of our everyday lives carefully and do not take care of ourselves and our close people, the effects of dementia are very badly affected, for instance, with those with heart disease and high-blood pressure diseases. People quickly accept its effects

People effected of  dementia can be initially cured just a little bit of caution as needed.

Make daily exercise in routine

Avoid smoking

Use balanced diet

Keep your Social Life balance


There are many ways to treat dementia but they all depend on the patient’s temperament and its effects. For Example

Talking with dementia effected patient.

Therapy Treatment

Physics, social, and morality etc.

It can be removed from many  traditional objects, for example

. Use of almonds

. Use of vitamins and fatty acids

. Green tea, clean water, ginger, garlic, curd, etc.


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