5 Ingenious Beauty Tips For Women Over 50

Are you growing weary with your everyday look?  Perhaps you’ve thumbed through a magazine, observed a technique or effect but are clueless about applying it to your own appearance. If you are missing that glow you had in your younger years, this article can steer you in the right direction. Thousands of makeup artists, beauty professionals, and ordinary people have come up with ideas and wisdom, but I thought I would share a few tricks and tips here.


Many of us have become accustomed to face powder as a makeup item for countless years.  Thinking back though, it made perfect sense to us during our teen years, as many found our skin to feel oilier, then leading to our 20’s, we still stuck with the infamous powder to prevent shine at night.

But in our later years, the powder is more of a hindrance than a help and achieves nothing to beautify our appearance. In fact, it can be extremely aging.

Did you know that powder, although well-applied, ultimately settles into creases and tiny wrinkles you weren’t aware of, highlighting things we absolutely don’t want to draw attention to?

Instead, use a setting spray. A range of formulas are available and can do exactly what you aim for, specifically averting shine or keeping foundation in place.

Also, replacing powder blushes and bronzers with cream formulas that won’t highlight wrinkles is another tip.

#2 DIY – Tinted Moisturizer

Are you caking foundation on your face to hide wrinkles? Older women tend to apply this method, however, fresh, moisturized skin results in more youthful-looking skin.

Applying a dollop of your favorite moisturizer and mixing it with your foundation will result in a flawless “no makeup” appearance.

Keeping in mind that you can adjust the ratio for the amount of coverage, it’s especially great as a solution for winter days when summertime foundation may be somewhat dark. 

On that topic, please remember to layer your SPF underneath, no matter how little makeup you’ve applied.


Unfortunately, as we age, we experience thinning or loss of our eyelashes.  It’s not unusual, but what you can do to slow this loss down is eliminate every single trace of mascara each night before bed.

Going forward, you will want to ensure your lashes are conditioned, making sure to have some baby oil on hand in addition to your usual remover.

Proven gentle enough for babies, avoid getting any oil directly into your eye.

Dripping a few droplets on a cotton ball, close your eyes and wipe gently around the area. Applying an extra drop may assist in cleaning up any smears. It should be all clean!


We’re all creative, and if you are the type who is awfully particular about your lip color, and wishes to avoid experimenting with a million different shades, why not craft your own! Utilize a blush or shadow in a shade or color that you find flattering.

After taking a tweezer or bobby pin and scraping some of the powder out on a clean surface, blend it with clear lip balm or some petroleum jelly. If not satisfied or it isn’t deep enough, insert more pigment. If it’s too deep, include more lip balm.

Good job for a lesser price with a color you prefer!


As we age, lines, hollowness, or sagging around your mouth casts subtle shadows. Making your lips look smooth and more youthful, conceal the area around them to cancel out any discoloration and you will notice the effect of your lips standing out a little more.

Applying lipstick to fix any missed areas or mistakes allow the lip line to look crisp and uniform. Want lip volume? A concealer or highlighter may help with this also.

The trick is, after setting/blotting lipstick, mark two to four very tiny dots in the center of your mouth with the concealer or highlighter and make use of a clean, stiff brush to pat until mixed. This will enhance more dimension to deflated lips.

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