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14th November is the National Diabetes Month and Birthday of Insulin

On 14th November, Frederick Grant Banting is the first birth day of insulin, which is celebrated by World Health Organization, which is celebrating the 14th day of Worldwide Health Day as World Day of Diabetes (Sugar). The main purpose of celebrating this day is to attract the world to control the growing rate of diabetes and provide information about symptoms, cure and prevention. Al-Baqarah, which is alcoholic in general, is called sugar; It is a disease that develops a large number of massacres. While proper awareness about the disease in the public can be taken, not only a few precautions can be protected from this disease, but also patients with diabetes can take precautions and live normally.

According to the United Nations World Health Organization, more than 38 million people worldwide are suffering from this disease, and every 6th person is suffering from diabetes. A person’s death is occurring in every second half of the disease from sugar disease. The same percentage of deaths caused by this disease is from a poor and middle class.

In a careful measure, the number of diabetes patients in world is more than 415 million. WHO says that if proper measures are not taken to prevent this disease, till 2030 the world can become the seventh largest disease in the world. Experts of health-related diabetes do not obesity, smoking and exercise, while the dysfunctional disease arises from moderating the amount of insulin in the body.

In fact, whatever foods a person eats, the majority of this diet often changes sweet and nutritious items to sugar, called this sugar called glucose, and it provides energy to the glucose body. The human body contains less Pancrea, which produces a hormone called insulin that limits the amount of glucose in the body, and it also makes it possible that our medicines can get glucose from the blood,

If so, the body involved in the human body remains the source of energy. Insulin is a very important role in the care of the human body. Depending on the illness of the disease, it is basically that the pancrea do not do function correctly and the it does not discharge  necessary amount of insulin , or it is possible that cells stop working with insulin, Or it happens that the cells leave working with insulin, in both cases, the result is that the amount of blood glucose in the body remains unbalanced, resulting in the effects of all the medicines. The worst effect is on blood vessels. Diabetes does not have any complete treatment. That can be avoided by this disease or its effects can be limited, but due to illness it has not been possible in any way.

If the stage of creation of synthetic pancreas  is completely completed in the near future, using it, it will likely be possible to treat diabetes-like complicated liquor called sugar in alias. According to some medical research, the creation of artificial lamb is in the test stages.

There are basically two types of diabetes, the first in which the body does not form insulin, this disease can sometimes be deteriorated, but people usually suffer from childhood, remedies are taking permanent insulin, but Along with the amount of blood glucose as well, it is important to take the correct amount of insulin.

In some cases blood glucose can be very high or very low, so it is necessary to be cautious. In other types of diabetes, it is that chemical components working with insulin in cells and tissue can not be performed properly, which result in the system which has to work after the inflammation of the insulin.

It is unclear how much the amount of insulin is, the resulting body does not get the right amount of glucose, the result can  in both glucose low deficiency or high deficiency, this type of fat diabetes is more common. The common symptoms of mental illness include fogging, dizziness, thirsty thirst, fast weight loss, hungry, excessive urine, it is needed.

These symptoms are taken care of, as well as it is necessary that the nutritious eye should be looked at and periodically, the test should be done time to time. It is also important that there is a time which can be said to be formerly known as  before diabetes. That is, the effects that can be taken by a person can be informed at the time of continuous testing and protective measures can be taken from time to time.

Whereas women and gentlemen older than 40 years need to be more cautious than diabetes. Weight gain, living in mortgage and hours, nonless life, do not exercise or exercise, or physical disorders, excessive poultry use of diet, high blood pressure, causes of fatigue are Mental illness can occur on the basis of inherent effects, namely,  their parents, if there are diabetes patients, chances of diabetes  in the next generation increase. Effects of sweetness occur on the whole body and can cause problems in the long run.

Like effects on eyes and vision, high blood pressure and resulting in heart diseases, skin disease, not all of the injuries on the whole body, especially the legs, kidney diseases, as well as on the veins and vessels. It is also affected, and many causes of life can be caused by illness. Apparently diabetes and heart disease are two different things, but it is a fact that the majority of diabetes suffer from many complications.

In these complexities, heart attack is listed. An estimated 50% of those diagnosed with diabetes ,The causes of death was heart attack The person with high blood pressure is more likely to have diabetes than normal people. Likewise, people with diabetes are suffering from bad renal function due to bad control of diabetes, and then become high-blood pressure patients.

According to medical experts, the number of people suffering from both high blood pressure and diabetes is growing rapidly, the serious aspect of the matter is that when both of these diseases are found, they need to be careful because it is for both diseases, each other Provide favorable environments. Control on high blood pressure is important in many cases that this disease can only be controlled by caution.

For a diabetic it is essential, do not increase weight, take full sleep, sleep time in the night, keep balance in food, avoid food that contain cholesterol, proper acquisition of protein, excessive and fatty nutrients. To do avoid using meat, gourmet greens, butter, cannabis and margarine etc., because they can increase the level of cholesterol.

Rather, it is appropriate to eat mugs such as peanuts, olive potatoes, canola oil, china or grease fish etc. And especially for a minimum of 30 minutes exercise habits should be adopted. All legends agree that if the patient’s  makes their usual part of exercise, they can enjoy living on the side effects of sugar because of exercise due to decrease in the severity of the disease, And exercises indirectly increase movement of insulin and increase insulin intake and in the human body, insulin levels contribute to balance.

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