Are you suffering from Pyria? Here are some tips

Pyria is a disease in tooth-gum. In this disease, blood comes from the gum. Due to the blood, the mephitis starts coming out of the mouth. This disease is due to calcium deficiency, malfunction and not clean teeth.

Home remedies to remove pyria-

  1. Boil mango leaves or cardamom with water. Use this water as a mouth wash everyday. This will be beneficial for teeth.
  2. Keep the orange peel in the shade and dry it. Then make a powder. Apply the powder on the teeth and its surrounding.
  3. Mixing honey in lemon juice can also be used on the teeth and gum.
  4. In the rock salt add mustard oil. Then apply daily on teeth. Relief will be found in the pyria.
  5. Mixing castor oil in the camphor is beneficial..
  6. If you drink orange or carrot juice daily then the Pyria will be cured.
  7. Use amla (indian gooseberry) because it contains vitamin c which is very beneficial for teeth


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