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7 Shocking Clary Sage Oil Benefits For Skin

Are you ready to ride the all-natural wave of health and skin care? There are so many benefits for you to make the shift and there’s a  good chance, you’ve probably heard about clary sage oil benefits for your general health and skin but, maybe you’re not that quite sold yet. That’s understandable! Although clary sage has been widely used in centuries past, like most other essential oils, its practical, everyday uses have been almost obliterated from cultural memory — thanks to bottled serums and jarred creams!

What makes clary sage good for your skin? 

There are several components in clary sage that make it one of the best performing multipurpose essential oils around. Among the most beneficial components of your skin are listed below, giving you even more reasons to avoid botox injections:

  • Alpha-terpineol. This natural component found in clary sage renders it its anti-fungal, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, it also improves skin conditions to make it more capable of absorbing the beneficial ingredients in your skincare products.
  • Linalyl Acetate: This component helps control and regulate sebum production, making your skin neither too dry nor too oily. It also helps calm skin irritations and relieves redness and itching.
  • Caryophyllene: Delivers a powerful antioxidant boost to your skin that helps speed up rejuvenation while simultaneously neutralizing free radicals that can significantly degrade your skin cell health and quality.

Can clary sage improve your skin?

Other than the potentially irritating fragrance component, Geraniol, found in clary sage, clary sage essential oil application has been touted for delivering the following beautiful benefits to your skin:

1. Clary sage calms your skin. It has strong anti-inflammatory properties that make it especially useful for clearing redness and blotchiness prevalent among people with sensitive and reactive skin types. It can help ease the manifestations of rosacea among those who have the condition. Before getting it into contact with your skin, make sure to dilute it with carrier oils first, such as coconut oil and almond oil. Very high concentrations of essential oils can irritate the skin. Use it as a moisturizer after cleansing to improve your complexion.

2. Clary sage helps heal acne. If acne is proving to be a problem, clary sage can help, whether you’re a teen and experiencing hormonal changes associated with adolescence or, in your 50’s and closing in on menopause. You have the antibacterial properties of clary sage to thank for. If you have a problem with hormonal imbalance, you have to know that one of the most well-recognized clary sage essential oil uses is in restoring your hormone to their optimal levels so, you can use it for that purpose as well. Spot correct or cleanse with a clary sage in a diluted solution.

3. It controls and regulates oil production. This is a function of clary sage that women and men who have either oily or dry skin will be able to appreciate. That’s because having any of these two skin types can prove to be highly problematic as these skin conditions are not so easily tamed and managed. Clary sage can help you finally strike a middle ground when it comes to controlling greasy skin.

4. It gives your skin an antioxidant boost. This is a welcome surge in your skin. Antioxidants help re-energize your skin cells so that they churn up more fuel faster to power the repairs and regeneration mechanism that your skin requires to recover from damage, including wrinkles, age spots, and other visible signs of skin aging. 

5.  It protects your skin from future damage. Antioxidants also make your skin better protected and more resilient against the damaging causes inflicted on it by a combination of internal and external factors. Stress is one of the internal factors that can permanently damage your skin. Of all the external factors, the excessive sun exposure will have to be the most damaging to your skin. Even as you derive clary sage essential oil benefits from your revitalized skincare routine, your skin will continue to require sun care.

6.  It dramatically improves your circulation. Healthy skin naturally follows when you have a healthy body. Improved circulation is the top reason why exercising regularly is beneficial for your skin. With clary sage, and ideally, aromatherapy, you get a similar effect without the need to lift the lightest weight. Hey, it still won’t redound to the extent that your skin can benefit from an exercise but, clary sage will give you that boost.

In a study published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine in 2013, the researchers sought to determine if inhalation of clary sage oil made blood pressure drop to normal. The researchers found a significant improvement. 

7.  It helps you get a good nights sleep. So, even indirectly, clary sage is providing you with more skin benefits, this time by calming you down so you can stay peaceful in sleep. You know how important rest and sleep is for your skin to be able to better recover from damage, don’t you? Put in a few drops in your diffuser and sleep with that relaxing aroma all around you. Alternatively, you may also choose to fix yourself a warm bath. Several drops of clary sage oil should make your tub water even more enticing to get into. Dim the lights and shut the blinds. Put that sleeping pill aside because tonight, clary sage will take care of lulling you to sleep.


Essential oils are quickly regaining their seat as one of the best natural remedies not only for treating persistent skin problems but also, for alleviating many illnesses, pains and chronic diseases. Keep in mind that this essential oil can only be good for use complements your needs. Make sure you know how to use essential oils if you’re planning to get a pure, cosmetic grade.


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Written by LisianaCarter3

Lisiana is a renowned independent researcher with a major interest in makeup, beauty and trendy fashion and has a philosophy of ‘Live, Love and Laugh’.


  1. Never knew about this when I was in high school. I had bad acne and used all kinds of creams that were supposed to work. They didn’t work! It was a waste of money. High school kids aren’t the only ones with acne but having it as a teenager really does a number on your self-esteem. For some reason, my acne cured itself. When I started attending university it went away and never came back. Still! This oil has lots of other health benefits and I especially like Number 7. Getting a good night’s sleep.