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Curry leaves a treasure of health !

Herbs are rich in nutrition and cure for many ailments and as the scope of research on them grows, its wonderful benefits come to front. In such herbs, the curry leaves have special significance. Not only is it used in various dishes to have taste, but it is also beneficial in controlling blood sugar levels.

It is a herb that is very good for digestive, heart, skin and hair health, while it is widely use in Pakistani, Indian ,and Asian food dishes. Curry leaves contain ingredients that prevent starch from turning into glucose and are helpful in controlling the amount of sugar.

Regular use of curry leaves also controls cholesterol, while its ingredients help to improve insulin performance. The treatment of the most dangerous diseases hidden in this herb has surprised the physician as it has innumerable properties, ranging from heart diseases to hair treatment.

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  1. I curry leaves have great flavor and health benefits. However, most of the time they are just thrown away even if they are used in dishes. I often make chutneys and grind them into my dough when I make certain cereal based dishes.


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