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7 Reasons Why Laughing Is Beneficial

For thousands and thousands of years, all our forefathers have been telling us that smiling is a free remedy and laughter is the best remedy for all our ailments. More so, it is 100% true in today’s chaotic world. Today, researchers are able to reveal a few of the many benefits that laughter provides us.

In our life, day in and day out, we do a lot of things both wanted and unwanted. In the midst of that wanted and unwanted things we do, we can definitely allot some time to laugh heartily, that too, when doctors all over the world repeatedly say that it is good for our health.

Here are seven reasons to laugh longer, harder and more frequently.

  1. In a latest study published in a medical journal, researchers had found that laughter as a treatment reduced depression in the elderly patients who were studied for this purpose.
  2. In the same study, it is also found that laughter improves the quality of sleep and reduces insomnia.
  3. Laughter can reduce pain by more than forty five minutes. In a study that was published in a foreign medical journal, researchers found that laughter reduces chronic pain of the musculoskeletal system.
  4. In accordance with Chinese medicine, laughing on a regular basis unblocks the heart and liver stimulates blood circulation.
  5. As said by specialists in the field, laughing with other people helps to build strong ties and improve relations with them.
  6. It is also proved that laughter relieves stress, helping to reduce induced cortisol. When the stress response becomes persistent, it may manifest itself as increased wear of adrenal glands as well as fat.
  7. Laughter strengthens the immune system, thus preventing infections of any kind. If you are suffering from common cold or flu even a cancer, laughter can be of great help for your quick healing.


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