Famous for 15 minutes or 150 years.

It had been more than 150 years, have opened for the pioneers of modern art in Paris: Salon rejected. Audience interest was enormous. Before the images are vigorously debated. It made various passions, from laughter and indignation to contempt. But there were also positive responses: “The show rejected paintings and sculptures offered to art in many ways an eccentric and wild, but also very honest and deeply felt. There were depictions of everyday life, as he is with his ugliness and beauty, elegance and ordinariness. ” And it will have a decisive influence on the multitudes of future artists of the late 19th and throughout the 20th century to the present day.

In the Internet age we all have a lot in common. We also like to issue an our work and in our desire for our understanding of artistic creation, appreciation and fame. Some comments on my painting: * Wonderful abstract , love the colors and the slender tree with its hidden face among the branches. Beautiful composition. *i love your composition, the free flow of the colors, and the beautiful trees in shadow…everything works together harmoniosly.  *I love the clarity of the contrast and the treatment of the knarled old tree, feels like there is ancient wisdom there. *Captivating as much for its colours as its cryptic shapes! Absolutely a great work of art!

*You must have enjoyed doing this one, it’s full of life and movement! *This is pain to me. Yet incredibly beautiful. I find your statement about you, the artist, your inside world touches mine in this work. * Inspirational….I’ve gotta start thinking about not slashing so much colour at the canvas o/. *Your abstract is stunning in all areas.. the way you have the red bleeding.. gives it depth with a feel of explosion… great job 5* 🙂 *This is fantastic, the threads of a memory have broken free from the fabric of the rest of your life, this is so raw and poignant with some red passion thrown in, I love it so much! Real art, I’m jealous of your skill.

*Oh Paul, this is fabulous! I love everything about this soft abstract. Especially am attracted to your color choices. This is wonderful art. *this takes my breath away, i think it is spectacular and could look at it for hours. *Most beautiful abstract, can’t take my eyes of it! Stunning! *Oh! what a gorgeous abstract. I went thru your works, and it is hard to choose the best one, because they are all talking to me. * WOW!! Paul, I went to all your paintings abstract, and I like mostly all of them. I stop on this one, a quiet one and delicate abstract. congrats on all of them.

*Love this painting, Paul. Just the colours and forms are already a great catcher of my eye. I must learn more to understand better the behind scene. *it is musical! i see a lot of figures and a lot of action but also a lot of beauty. your talent is enviable. *beautiful movement and colours. very dynamic, i like this song. *This is song of your art soul, really great brush movement.

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Written by Paul Pulszartti


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