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What is eccedentesiast?

We have all been on this situation at one or another. We feel as if no one understands us or will understand us, or we don’t feel like wanting to share with others how we feel. We pretend things are okay in our lives or at a particular moment. 

The word ‘eccedentesiast’ is an English word derived from three Latin roots as follows:

ecce – I present to you

dentes – teeth (usually used to signify smile) 

iast – performer

Thus, eccedentesiast is a person whose job is to entertain others irrespective of what is going in the life of that person. 

In this regards, an eccedentesiast is a person who fakes a smile so as to hide the pain that resides in their heart or lives. Deep within they are feeling the pain but the don’t want to admit it pretending everything is okay in their lives. 


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