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Warwick’s Recent Oil Painting

A Kauri Park, an old bushman remembers it as it once used to be in Northland New Zealand.

Warwick my husband just finished this painting. It’s taken him a very long time to do.Its a very large painting.

In the old days Kauri trees were milled mercilessly, and now it is a protected tree. The old pioneers often used the wood for ship masts. Its beautiful timber. The Kauri log pulled by a team of bullocks.

However, these trees are very old, the oldest Tane Mahuta is 1000 years old. Its the father of the forrest.

Kauri trees are now under threat and the biggest threat are tourists. They are not allowed to cut tourists off, but the trees are dying off from Kauri die back, an awful virus and most people walking in the forrests are ignoring the signs to wash their shoes with the cleaning items provided.

If you come to a New Zealand forrest. Please remember to clean your shoes going in and going out of the forrest so that Kauri die back does not spread.


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Written by Pamela Moresby