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Warwick Julian's Art Work

Warwick is my husband and as he does not use computers, I will put his Art work on Virily. Warwick learned Art from 2 teachers from the Julian academy of Art in Paris. They saw him as a man of great talent and decided to teach him for free. He learnt “Classical Art” for 3 years. 

The first picture is of a tree in the foreground and One Tree Hill as it was. It was always known by it’s 100 year old pine tree next to the Obelisk, but a mad man took a chain saw to it, and so it had to be dismantled. Warwick painted it , in watercolours, on the day the tree came down. Everyone in Auckland was really sad to see it come down. 

Since then, there are many different types of trees planted in the same spot, no one is allowed to drive up to the top anymore and we wait until which tree shows the most promise to live in this place.

The next painting in watercolours is “Grandma’s Cottage”. It is typical of the dream of living near the beach on farmland. Sometimes and for a few it is a dream that comes true. It is an old Villa, but these old Villas need expensive maintenance and fresh paint every now and then.

This is an oil painting Warwick sold to a man who lives in Mangere Bridge township over Mangere Bridge. It is a painting of the old Kauri logging days, when mainly Yugoslavian men felled Kauri trees. The Yugoslavian men were used to hard physical work. Later on they did very well in New Zealand, and so hard work always pays off for future generations that now live here .

Now no one is allowed to fell Kauri trees, they are a beautiful golden wood and grow straight up to the sun. They are very wide and very tall, one up in the far North is “Tane Mahouta”. This tree is 1,000 years old. Now a horrible disease is killing our Kauri trees and when people go to visit them, they need to have very clean foot wear, so they have to wash their shoes on their feet before and after they leave the forrest.

This is a painting of an old man playing his violin. Warwick did that in pen & ink. I believe it is sold.

This is a woman done in Charcoal as a semi abstract. You have to understand that Warwick’s drawing of people are not anyone in particular, they are people he made up. The invention of your own scenery and people is pure artistic genius and does not involve copying. This is all done in charcoal. 

This is a Sea Scape done in Water colour by Warwick. We both love the sea.

This is an acrylic painting Warwick painted as a commission of a trawler at sea, sold.

One of my favourites, Warwick’s watercolour of a Warrior in Semi Abstract. 

I helped Warwick with this oil painting, his left arm was hurting a lot and he has now had a shoulder replacement. He is still in recovery. I did some of this painting but Warwick did the Lion’s share of it. He was pleased with what I did. It is done for the man in Mangere Bridge and is still here. 

Pen & Ink drawing of a New Zealand predator bird by Warwick.

All this is Classical art work done by hand in the traditional way. Warwick does abstract art work as well.

This is done in pastels. 

I have always admired Michael Angelo and Leonardo De Vinci. Warwick learned the same principals based on what they learned. 

For a start the 1st 6 months of training was drawing only, and what was taught was anatomy of both animals and people. When drawing people you take in details of age, man and women in all walks of life. It involves knowing the names of the bones and muscles of the body in detail.

Then the knowledge of perspective which is essential to know in art.

As time goes on colour comes in different mediums and you learn to push and pull in paintings, to push a background back and bring some object forward so you get 3 D images in art work.

Any one can do an abstract painting or even copy, but if you have the knowledge of Classical art as it was taught you have a good foundation. 

You can always do abstract easily but you cant do abstract and expect to know classical without knowledge of the raw basics.

It is a bit like my Dad used to say, “Any fool can fly a plane! It’s in the landing of the plane that is the art of flying!”


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Written by Pamela Moresby

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