A visual story of U.F.O.

In my vision of art, I am referred often at some U.F.O. phenomena and this post is something for collect my past exercises on imagining and drawing of these subject.

The following is a Video, that I painted with just a use the phone as the virtual brush. The title is:

The alien subject speaks with colors.

These collections of works are in a particular way dedicated to a special person

He has also long been interested in sociological aspects of the UFO subject and has built the largest existing Italian collection of UFO-inspired objects (toys, comics, gadgets, furniture, advertising, music and anything else).

So along with this Post. I will enter into his collection with my #immaterial art.

For today that’s all folks.

We are waiting for a massive rain here in Italy.

Ciao @ from Flavio painter of Transformation.


What do you think?

Written by Flavio Fassio

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