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Velvet boots WIP

Just a piece I was messing around with, no real direction or intention- simply having a bit of fun and experimenting a little. There isn’t any logic to where the work is right now, this is where I stopped for the night and haven’t done any more with it (bigger fish to fry).

#1 work in progress

Basically just a test render, I didn't even let it run for a quarter of an hour because it just didn't seem worth the cycles. I knew I wouldn't like the final results any more than I like it right now, so I pulled the plug until I made some decisions about where the piece needed to go next

Those are some very noisy textures, which means I will most likely not be using them but other than those obnoxiously purple boots the palette has a nice balance. Even the boots would work if I dropped the saturation or the brightness...


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