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untitled DDLM – WIP

This pose may look a little odd, but that is because it has been extremely cropped. The full body shot would reveal she is pressed against the wall. I’ll have to show it to you sometime, it’s pretty cool

I wanted to go for a hard edged manga style piece which I felt would compliment her catrina makeup

#1 cartoon / vector style

flat shading with a minimum of blending

5 points

#2 pop style

the coloring is somewhat sharper edged here

5 points

#3 base version

this is what it looks like without all the postwork- just a bit of color correction and I punched up the eyes a bit...

5 points

What do you think?

6 points


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  1. Where is my comment……….? Didn’t I already comment on this one… Is it the third same post…? :/ Anyway… My opinion changes whenever I see them, so I’m not sure which are the best ones….. :/ Maybe those more natural ones are the best but they need some changes in my opinion… ;/)

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