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Tullafant Jam Session – WIP

All the pieces of this are in place now, but they’re going to need quite a bit of finessing to get everything into an optimal configuration. I am concerned that the rig will be a real pain to set up correctly but hopefully I am all worried about nothing


What do you think?


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  1. I am going to vote against everyone else, and say that I vastly prefer the lighter one. This is not just because of the brightness of the two figures, but because the light shining on them, especially from behind, gives the whole thing depth and makes the figures look more alive. The fabric in her clothing handles the light better, too. In the dark version the fabric in her clothing looks wrong by comparison. Also you know I am not crazy about the beads, they look good with the light on them, but in the darker version they look like something other than beads. Something that maybe doesn’t belong here.

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