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The Space of Time

Time never torture

or cornering

as he had never entertain

or cure

time just put us

in a lot of space

which filled the doors

of events

for we select and to enter

until we find

a lot of other doors

which will bring us

to the room next trip


If you entertained,

or suffer

heart of our soul

is the one who has all reasons.

Illustration by Albert Herdie  – Digital painting from part of Plane In Vibration of ColorsRowdy 1 & 2.


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  1. Is there really a space of time?
    Or was it just fabrication of human mind?
    Living is ruled by time
    Time to be born
    Time to grow
    Time to study
    Time to marry
    Time to die
    Space is timeless
    The true eternity
    ***curtsy and bow left and right***

          • Knowing our own weaknesses and acknowledging the same keeps us grounded. And yes, I consider myself lucky in many aspects of life – but of course that perspective is subjective. One can think like a victor or a victim. I prefer the former – makes life a lot easier and happier. Now we are turning this into a chatbox. I hope you are not a Libra. Only Libra peeps (based on experience with Libra friends) turn things like this into chatbox. Lol!

        • Upzz… Is there a prohibition to discuss or chat here? I wish I was libra but unfortunately I was born on June 10th. Weakness & strength, misfortune & luck, subjective & objective, and also victim & victor are perfect twins in the duality of life, then we can not just want to live with just one of them for both of them inseparable.

          • Certainly, I have not read any such rule kind sir. Perfect twin like Gemini, lol! Life work in balance…cannot have sunshine without the rain. Oh, and commenting earns me Virils so yes let us continue haha

          • Man “thinks” it is perfect. That is the ego talking. But maybe the whales are more perfect than humans. They can navigate the whole dang ocean with equipment. And since we both like philosophy, how about you check my “Live Now, Be Love” and we can continue our discussion over there. Lol! I do business alongside with friendship you see.

          • Ego is not an entity but rather an activity. At least that is how it was explained to me and I have perfect reason to believe it. I am from Philippines and my way of thinking where spirituality is concerned is so un-Filipino. In this part of the globe, we believe in heaven with singing angels and fiery hell where satan resides. Lol!

        • I know that the ego is not an entity, and if I call it that way, it is just a symbolic expression to personify its “unseen” existence. Hey… Because you are in the Philippines, then we are neighbors, I mean our country are neighbors. I think that all countries, nations or societies that cling to religion, believe in such heaven and hell. Well, spirituality is not a religion.

          • There is only a thin line dividing spirituality and religion. Rumi said: “All religions, all this singing, one song. The differences are just illusion and vanity. The sun’s light look a little different on this wall than it does on that wall, and a lot different on this other one, but it’s still one light.” Or Ramana Maharshi’s: “All paths in the mountain lead to one direction. What is waste of time is going around the mountain telling everyone that they are going on the wrong direction.” There is, of course, heaven and hell. Not just the kind that many thought of it to be. Is the other angler from Indonesia? First time I saw your name in Adel’s quote challenge article, Indonesia was the thing that comes to my mind. I had been to Bali, Yogyakarta and Jakarta – love Bali the most (and meant to go back coz I want to stay in a villa amidst ricefield lol), the bus ride to Yogyakarta is still one of the memories we keep on talking to this day (awww, crazy driver hahaha!) and I had fun in the gem’s center in Jakarta.

        • Rumi’s words are the beauty of the gray words as I have said. Sufis and mystics generally depart from religious society, but since they only want to share the love and not enmity then their language is very subtle though paradigmatic. However, fundamentalists, in general, have put them out of the circle. To borrow Deepak Chopra’s words: Religion is a belief in someone ‘s experience, and spirituality is having your own experience.
          Do you use a bus from Bali to Yogyakarta? Yeah, all night buses between provinces in Indonesia are driven by crazy drivers! Hehehe…

          • Yes, we did. Because the money for the airfare was used to pay for the jetski and parasailing experience. Lol! Sacrifice some to get some. See. My country already have crazy drivers but that Indonesian bus driver topped the list until now. Hahaha! We still have laughs out of it every time we recall the story. I was not able to sleep the whole stretch of travel.

          • Hahahaha! Oh well, I owe you some more read which I will do in few days. The notifs here in Virily is pretty inconvenient to work thru. Eats up a lot of time just sorting thru it. Have a pleasant evening as afternoon is almost gone. I hope it is not raining in your side and I hope you will not encounter flood and traffic jam.


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