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Surrealist Memo of Unknown Origin

“Surrealist Memo of Unknown Origin”  –  photomontage        © 2018 – Howard Faxon

This is a piece of my artwork that I made available at a print on demand site. When I make photomontages I only use elements from my personal photos. Photographs that I have taken. A big part of the fun for me is to find, photograph, and collect elements that I need to make the pieces I am working on. 

This surreal series is continually being worked on. It is a running series so to speak. It’s how I work on most of my series of images. I have several running all the time. Every once in a while I add to one of them as inspiration strikes. This series is rather loosely defined. Other pieces from this group that I shared here in the past were black and white artworks. The majority, however, are in color as this one is. 

I hope you enjoyed it or found some inspiration from it.

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