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Sultans Of Swing

Sultans Of Swing is how I see this image that I created using JWildfire, a Fractal flame editor which is always free and works on most systems because it uses Java to run the program.

This particular piece of Fractal Art is created using only one type of transform, which is the calculations or formula that is processed by the computer to display an image based on those calculations.

The type of transform is called, in this case a Linear3D transform. Which works by repeating calculation along a straight line – linearly, then by adjusting the settings in the editor, you can bend the lines and apply a colour palette to the whole image.

This is a basic understanding of how Fractal Flames work, they can get very complex and often become less like how you are trying to get them to look, just by how sensitive to adjustments they are.

You should always save samples along the way instead of having to start all over after sometimes hours of tweeking the image! That can be very disheartening to say the least and we all do it on occasion!

Please feel free to comment and ask questions about my art! Message me for commissions of my art, all original unique art ©2017 C.A. BakIf you would like to buy my art printed on physical products please visit my Zazzle store.


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Written by Craig Bak


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