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St. Patrick’s Day fanservice

I try to do promotional pieces for holidays whenever I can, and this is yet another piece in that vein… for me, they’re a good way to get some increased exposure and helps me keep deadlines, follow themes, etc

At any rate, here is my saint patty’s fanservice. I hope you enjoy it and keep in mind there are a lot of holidays and such that are coming up, so please look forward to more fanservice & promo pieces

#1 fanservice

I almost wish I'd left the text out but it seemed so off center without. But the red light leaks really punch this piece up...

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#2 rough sketch

this is a nice value study / underpainting. I'm not usually concerned with color temperature this early in the piece, but perhaps I should be...

#4 promo piece

Same piece, just with the promotional material copy and such

  1. She is absolutely beautiful and makes me thirsty for Irish Whiskey. Saint Patrick will greeting you fondly for all the beauty you have brought to view in this world, even far from the Emerald Isle.



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