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St. Patrick’s Day fanservice

I try to do promotional pieces for holidays whenever I can, and this is yet another piece in that vein… for me, they’re a good way to get some increased exposure and helps me keep deadlines, follow themes, etc

At any rate, here is my saint patty’s fanservice. I hope you enjoy it and keep in mind there are a lot of holidays and such that are coming up, so please look forward to more fanservice & promo pieces

#1 fanservice

I almost wish I'd left the text out but it seemed so off center without. But the red light leaks really punch this piece up...

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#2 rough sketch

this is a nice value study / underpainting. I'm not usually concerned with color temperature this early in the piece, but perhaps I should be...

#4 promo piece

Same piece, just with the promotional material copy and such


What do you think?


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