Speed drawing – The Batman

Speed Drawing The Batman

Midnight. I can’t sleep. So I thought I would do a speed drawing again. This time, I checked the SketchThis challenge on Deviant Art. There I saw the Black, White and Gray Challenge.

So I thought, what’s a better subject for this challenge than the Dark Knight?

Initially, I wanted to draw the whole body. My idea was Batman, standing on a rooftop of a tall building, looking down on the dark streets of Gotham. The full moon at the background.

But when I did the initial sketch, it came differently. It didn’t matter. I went on.

I wanted to draw a back ground. But it’s almost an hour and a half already since I started drawing. It’s still rough around the edges, as they say. But I guess it’s good enough to submit.

Here’s the link to my deviant art.

I hope you like it.


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