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Styling on the weeks End

Proud lover of Batman since my childhood to now adulthood years, so of course I enjoy wearing this shirt every chance I get, hehe. I do feel that Old Navy has the best vintage selection of t-shirts in my opinion, and affordable at that. 

Wax coated denim jeans purchased from Ross dress for less. I was fortunate enough to find them on sale, so I purchased a few pairs that vary different in size. 

  1. Longsleeve ‘Batman’ shirt by Old Navy 
  2. Wax coated denim jeans by Vintage Genes 1891

I found these denim jeans at a thrift store and purchased them solely because I loved the appearance and they fit me perfectly. 

  1. Beanie cap by C.C
  2. Longsleeve ‘Batman’ shirt by Old Navy 
  3. Denim ‘Hottie’ jeans by It
  1. Longsleeve ‘Batman’ shirt by Old Navy 
  2. Denim ‘Hottie’ jeans by It

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