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Space, time and self.

The gateway to the space, is for me quiet meditation with painting. Time ceases to exist, and I like the color intoxication. I would be so happy in this timeless painting, but I live an ordinary life with everyday cares.

Why not eight days the week? I would like to have more painting and valuable life. So there’s a big red number eight. When you put on an eight horizontally is a sign of infinity.

Sometimes it is with the painter as a hermit life. But it brings a lot of beautiful moments. I believe not only for me. I think a lot about the painters of the past and I look at their work. It is sad how many have not reached the goal of dignified life. Today their paintings are sold at the price of diamonds. Buy paintings of living artists to live in dignity. The dead do not need anything.

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Written by Paul Pulszartti