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What could sound creepier than a “Bowl of Faces”?

I am always challenging myself with each different piece I do. Usually I will integrate my subject matter with things I need to practice as a woodcarver. I have never been very confident with the human form or faces so I figured why not create something that involves a ton of practice.

If I only made pieces that involved things I can carve with better outcomes I wouldn’t be expanding as an artist. For instance, if I was really good at carving Mickey Mouse and then only carved Mickey Mouse my stuff would be pretty boring and then I, in turn, would get bored. I want to be able to carve everything eventually but I have a long way to go.

This piece was a face challenge! I got hold of a solid piece of yellow cedar that some neighbor of mine cut down so it wouldn’t crush his house in the next windstorm and started designing. I hollowed out the inside first and left a pretty heavy thickness to carve my faces. I intentionally created 3 female faces alternating with 3 male faces. After each day’s carving session I would fill up the inside with a resin solution to try and prevent major cracking, which for the most part was a success.

I made this bowl quite a long time ago and I’d like to think I’ve improved since then but it’s fun to look back and see my evolution as an artist.This bowl was a success for me and I’m glad I did it, I learned a lot.

Medium: 1 solid piece of yellow cedar

Dimensions: 10″ high x 20″ diameter


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