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The time to yearn for everything is long gone. Also my longing for you. Yesterday I missed myself so much. Somehow last night I arrived there.

Go beyond. To behind the depths of collective unawareness. Breaking the last barrier. Layers of self-unconsciousness. The ocean without a bottom. The true nature of life.

It is a rebirth. A truly new birth. From the womb of The Life. Into the ocean of sunyata. True freedom.

Free from self. Free from thought. Free from an idea. Free from any conditions. Found anything, everything. The sun that is not the sun. The moon which is not the moon.Flowers that aren’t flowers. As well everyone, as they truly are.

Then say hello to you. This morning. Days of all days. Which is full of miracles.

Illustration by Albert Herdie  – Digital painting from part of Deep Within series Rebirth.


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  1. What a refreshing post and your words hit home Albert. We all need a rebirth from time to time.
    Thanks for the reminder of how easily this process can be obtained. Much needed.

  2. I am truly a fan of your writing. This one is just as awesome as all your other ones. I posted more abstract art poems. Read the Distorted beauty one first if and when you can. I just want your opinion since you capture every scene so well.

  3. I am lost these past week too, and I had to take time out for myself to re-define what I want to do, and what solution will work out best. Wonderful post, Albert! Sometimes, we just need that break 🙂