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Quote Challenge Day 2: Respect Life

Continuing the Day 1 Challenge that has been put on my shoulder by Della through her post and also renominated by LaJenna through her post where I was talking about life and reality, let me this time talk about respect.

The busy schedule lately made it take me a while to get in on today’s quotes. Well, here are the three quotes of my choice on day two:

Every human being hopes to be recognized and deserves to be respected. When we receive a genuine respect for our attitude, life will feel meaningful. Unfortunately, we are often just clever in wishing, and asking, but less able to give respect and appreciation. Those who realize it will generally place the principle of respect as a compass of their attitude.

When we have understood life and are aware of life, we will be very respectful of life, love life and live life to the fullest. If we realize life and live consciously, we will see life everywhere, on everything.

At that point, respect is not a feeling, let alone just words.

At that point, we respect for everything,

especially to fellow human beings. It’s respect flowing everywhere, without any consideration, without being asked, even without the encouragement of empathy and sympathy. Just flowing, swift, like the electric current that connects the button with the lamp, fridge, and everything, always connected and flashed instantly, whether it’s with brands and logos made in America, Europe, Africa or Asia. Black, white, yellow, brown or red.

On such kind plain of respect and love, living life as is, everything feels beautiful and comfortable.

Live fully, in an extraordinary life in a very ordinary way.

A conscious life to respond to everything in accordance with essential principles and not just a reactive life like a piece of paper; wet exposed to water, and burned by fire touch.

We are, with our bodies, our thoughts and feelings cannot be sacred! Our bodies are full of bacteria, our minds are always noisy with the idea of the world’s pleasures, and various feelings come and go like waves on the beach, but not with our souls.

Let us be more respectful of all things, whether they seem alive or as defined by science as living beings, and which appear looks just like inanimate objects. Do not wait. Sincerity is the abundance provided by the soul with no limit, not like something recorded in a bank account that can be exhausted, however much it may be. Do not wait. Scatter all directions, and see the next miracle.

To continue with this challenge, please allow me to nominate:

Alex Ledante, The painter I admire. Brother-in-law in bond with mermaids. Great discussion friends and fun. A creative person with a broad knowledge though a bit forgetful. You can read his work here.

Kenneth Shumaker, he is a reliable writer. He is one of Virily’s close friends who is very supportive and caring. Following a long break from writing, Kenneth recovered his passion for writing. He is a science fiction and medieval fantasy author with Inevitable Unicorn Press (InUPress). You can read his work here.

Bradley Tremmil, is a great poet. Although I have not known him for a long time, I know that he is the one who responds to others with respect. You can read his work here.

I will wait for them to show their fangs for us.


What do you think?

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    • Indeed, We must continue to learn to respect others with all our limitations, but especially with all our strengths. For that, we must learn to avoid transactional attitude, too sensitive, and too fast and easy to misjudge in others. Thank you very much for your appreciation, LaJenna.

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