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Portrait of Bianca – WIP

I like what I have here but I think I am going to get all loose and painterly with her before I am happy. Heck, I might even have to go full out impasto on this one…

#1 work in progress

Her wardrobe is just a little too boring- it needs something to spice it up. I went with white to compliment her name, but I am regretting it now

#2 rough sketch

went with the magenta lineart but went in a more mixed media direction than I did last time...


What do you think?

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  1. There’s a lot of potential here, she has a windswept look like she’s been playing on the dunes of North Truro in Cape Cod or has just come in from a desert sandstorm, so swimsuit or harem attire would be appropriate. Beautiful and wild, looking forward to where you run with this one…

  2. Wardrobe is boring? It is a classic design – nice and simple. The tail of the hair needs more volume I think — maybe a darker shade would compliment the color of the dress. Show off a bit more of shoulder I guess because that is how that dress is when actually worn by human ?

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